Successful projects delivered by TTC

  • Concluded technology due diligence for an Australian road operator of a European developer of novel sensor technologies for vehicle occupancy measurement.
  • Tolling Specialist and Integration Manager for a potential Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) upgrade to the Central London Congestion Charging Zone and Western Extension Zone charging scheme.
  • Project management of several initiatives within Transport for London (TfL), including DSRC trials management and evidential strategy development based on Electronic Registration Information (ERI), and representative to Thames Gateway Bridge project team.
  • Expert Practitioner in Universal On Board Unit (UOBU) feasibility study project awarded by the European Commission.
  • Project and Contracts Manager for a programme aimed at the development and validation of simulation models for the Dutch Rekening Rijden initiative. Managed the development of models of all roadside system elements for a Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) system then finally assembled to demonstrate end-to-end whole system performance.
  • System Design Authority (SDA) as part of the UK’s Lorry Road User Charging Scheme, focused on a comprehensive review of technology options for charging and enforcement, and leadership of a group of technology experts.
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